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Denon DVD- 2900 and Musical Fidelity TriVista 21 Tube DAC


I was quite happy with my Pioneer DV-S10A even though it is now obsoleted.

I planned to hold on to it until we have real HD-DVD. But, alas, the Pioneer died. It can't play DVD anymore...

So, I bought a Denon DVD-2900:

The picture quality is better than the S10A by a little bit right from the box.

 Since I have just bought it for under a week I haven't done any video adjustment to the RPTV and the player,

so the pictures should look much better than now later.

Sound quality is good. Movie soundtracks playback is very clear and sharp.

 I use it to play SACDs and DVD-As as well with the analog outputs.

I think for the price of this player the SACD/DVD-A sound quality is not too bad (more than acceptable IMHO).

Since I'm not so interested in these new formats

 and I only have a few of these new discs this player is sufficient for me.

I use it as a CD transport so I don't care too much how CDs perform with the internal DAC. More on this later...

You might ask: why don't you go for the new 5900 (a.k.a. A11 in Japan/HK) with the upscaled DVI output?

First, my RPTV does not have DVI input. Not to mention I have no money for it because I bought a...

Musical Fidelity TriVista 21 tube upsampling DAC. I wanted to upgrade my CD playing section for a while.

Instead of buying a new dedicated CD player I went for a upsampling DAC from Musical Fidelity.

 I choose the new limited edition TriVista 21 Tube DAC for its clarity, smooth, sweet, and analog-like sounds.

I can hear more details with this DAC than by just using the DAC section in the 2900 or my old QUAD 67CD.

 It is perfect for classical musics and female vocals.

It is the next best thing if you can't afford the Musical Fidelity SACD player.

 I use the Denon DVD-2900 as a CD transport. The coaxial digital out is connected to the Musical Fidelity DAC.

 This DAC provided a coaxial digial out so the DD and DTS signals will be passe through

to the Yamaha receiver/processor for movie soundtracks. 

This DAC looks very attractive at night with the lights out:

I have also bought a cheap Chinese-made Norcent DP-300 DVD player for bootleg DVDs,

 non-region 1 DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs:

This is an interesting player... if you got the first version you can upgrade the firmware

and do some modification to it depending on which firmware you have, like installing an IDE harddisk onto it, etc.

You can find out more on:

I have also bought a Nintendo GameCube a couple of months ago:

My next upgrade will probably be a HTPC with the PDI Deluxe card.

 I would like to use it to play Microsoft WM9 format HD-DVDs

and to upscale all my video sources to 1080i for my RPTV.

More recent shots of my HiFi/Home Theatre room:







My audio/hometheatre system consist of:

1) Main/family room system:

DVD player:   Pioneer DV-S10A.

CD player:     QUAD 67CD

SACD player: Sony SCD-XE670

LD player: Pioneer CLD-D406 (w/ RF AC-3 out) + Pioneer RFD-1 RF Demodulator

(RF AC-3 to optical AC-3)

Tuner:  QUAD FM-4

Video game console:   Sega Dreamcast

Video game console:   Sony PlayStation 2

HTPC:  Pentium III 500MHz w/ ASUS Nvidia TNT2 graphics card

VGA to compontent transcoder: Key Digital Inc. KD-VTCA1

Audio (hometheatre front channels) tube line-stage: Audio Research LS-7

Surround processor: Yamaha RX-V1000

Audio (hometheatre front channels) tube power amp.: Audio Research D-90

Center & surround channels power amp.: Rotel RB-956AX (Bridged into 3 channels)

TV/Monitor:Toshiba 50H81 50" 16:9 rear projection (progressive scan)

Audio (hometheatre front channels) speakers:QUAD ESL-63 electrostatics

Sub-woofer (complimentary to the main speakers):

Paradigm Reference Servo-15 + Paradigm X-30crossover

Center channel speaker: B&W Matrix 805

Surround channels speakers: B&W Matrix HTM

"In my main system, the audio only portion is seperated from the hometheatre part.

The front/stereo channels from the surround processor, CD player, DVD player,

SACD player and tuner all feed their signal to the Audio Research line-stage.

I do not connect the subwoofer to the surround processor.

I use the subwoofer to compliment the low frequency of my QUAD electrostatic speakers

such that I have better bass extension when listening to 2 channels musics.

All the video sources are connected to the surround processor for video switching (I know this is bad but it makes life much more easier).

The only video source that does not go through the Yamaha is the HTPC.

The VGA signal is converted to interlace/progressive component signal by the Key Digital transcoder.

The rear projection TV can do 480/525i, 480/525p and 1080i."

my hometheatre/hi-fi corner!


another shot of my hometheatre/hi-fi corner...


QUAD ESL-63 electrostatic speakers (left channel)


QUAD ESL-63 electrostatic speakers (right channel)


QUAD 67CD CD player


Yamaha RX-V1000 Received. Used as a surrond processor. Power amp. section is not used at all.


: Audio Research D-90 tube power amp. (2 channel music/hi-fi only and hometheatre front channels)


group shot of my DVD player, SACD player, CD player, LD player, amplifiers... etc.


Audio Research LS-7 tube line-stage (2 channel music/hi-fi only and hometheatre front channels)


QUAD FM-4 tuner


B&W Matrix HTM center channel speaker.


B&W Matrix 805 surround speaker (left surround)


Paradigm Servo-15 15" subwoofer.


Sony SCD-XE670 SACD player and Pioneer CLD-D406 LD player




Sony PlayStation 2


KeyDigital.jpg: Key Digital KD-VTCA1 transcoder

(convert VGA signal from the HTPC to the progressive component signal for the RPTV)


Rotel RB-956AX six channels power amp.

It is bridged into 3 channels for the center channel and the surrounds.


Toshiba 50H81 16:9 rear projection TV/monitor


Buzz Lightyear on TV


Devil soccer team


2) Master bedroom system:
DVD/CD player: Panasonic DVD-A310
Tuner: QUAD FM-3
Line-stage:QUAD 33 control unit
Power amp.: QUAD 303
TV/Monitor:Toshiba CN32H95 32" 4:3 direct view (interlace)

Speakers:QUAD 77-10L

my bedroom AV system


Ah! Nothing beats the sounds from the real thing... my wife's upright piano


my CD, DVD, LD, & VCD collection


My DVD collection

My LD collection

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