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 建立日期 : 2004年1月26日

To begin, I am sorry that I can't type Chinese.

 I do hope my handicap in Chinese typing will not prejudice my opportunity to enter into you Home Visit pages. Anyway, I would try to make it short and supplement by photos to increase the readability.

Welcome to visit my home, lets take a seat and have a cup of Blue Mountain (my favorite coffee).



I am in contact with electronic and audiophile for around fifteen years.

 At the time when I was still a student, my father brought me a Sony Mini HiFi,

and I enjoy music with cassettes and LPs.

 In addition, I assembled DIY amplifiers and design simple amplifier circuit.

During the development of these years, I have progressively upgraded my system;

and my existing system is as follow:

CD/SACD Player 


DVD Player

Toshiba SD-2550

Digital Processor

Mark Levinson No. 36s


Mark Levinson No. 38s

Power amplifier

Mark Levinson No. 331


B&W Nautilus 805 with Foundation Designer II


Korsun u2, Mordaunt-short MS302


I mainly (around 90% time) pay attention on audio, but recently,

 I fall in love with video editing and DVD authoring;

 thus, let me introduce my first toy, Toshiba SD-2550 DVD video player.


Actually, it is not an expensive DVD player, but it does a good player within its price range.

The picture quality is definitely better than most Chinese DVD players even their prices are higher.

I have presented this fact several times in different channels but people sometimes argued with it.

But, fact is fact, anyway.

In addition, it can read most types of disc, including DVD+/-R/RW.

 It is extremely useful for me since DVD+ format needs no lead-in/out time,

 in another words, quicker burning time.

In addition, Rewritable (RW) discs enable me produce many trials with no cost and to the essence,

environmental friendly.


Sony SCD-777ES


Now, come to the main theme of my audiophile system, the head is my SACD player, Sony SCD-777ES.

It is the first batch of SACD players available in the world, and it is the cut down version of SCD-1.

Fixed lens pick-up system with top-load CD cabinet, that you find in SCD-1, can also be found in SCD-777ES.

I use it as the SACD player or as a CD transport. The only complaint is that it does not provide AES/EBU output.

Thus, I cannot connect it with ML No.36s via digital balanced cables.

 Its sound quality is accurate but a bit tasteless.

 Especially when it matches with my ML system.


Mark Levinson No.36s


I have tried several digital processors. Initially, I tried MF X-DAC, a traditional DAC with HDCD encoder.

Then I changed it to MSB link III DAC for a few months. Then I upgraded it to Mark Levinson No.36 and finally,

I further upgrade it to No.36s in last year (2003).


The ML No.36s provides a clear, accurate, airy and transparency sound.

This characteristic is found in the full range of my Mark Levinson equipments.

 I think, most of you may want to know the difference between No.36 and No.36s. In my system,

 No.36s has more background details, a clear focus and more transparency. However, it was a bit,

 just a bit, brighter than my previous No.36.

 However, I have conducted a test and indicated that different batch of ML's products,

 even with the same model and in the same condition, may sounds a bit difference.


Left : Discrete component power regulator for audio part of the No.36s. It is one of the major difference between No.36 & No.36s. Another major difference is the employed of metal film trimmer that was epoxyed to the DAC, instead of using Vishay trimmer. In addition, the whole set of DAC was housed into a metal sub-cabinet. The same differences are found in No.360 and No.360s.

Left : An overview of ML No.36. You can see that the power regulators circuit  (just behind the two large capacitors) is much simpler than No.36s. In fact a pair of LM7815/LM7915 are used.


Mark Levinson No.38s


My first pre-amplifier was a DIY pre-amplifier which was built several years ago,

with a quite complicated circuit that was similar to those published in Accuphase's catalog.

Mark Levinson No.38 was my first purchased pre-amplifier, it was also a stepping stone of my upgrade plan.

A round upgradeing cycle was completed and it was then further replaced by No.38s in last year (2003),

 my existing pre-amplifier.

Similar to No.36s, I have some comparison data on hand before and after the purchase of No38s.

Quite interesting, No.38/38s have a different result than the comparisons between No.36/36s.

 My No.38s sounds sweeter than my No.38, with more bass, enriched background details. In conclusion,

with s match with s (36s with 38s), a correct tonal response can be obtained with

extended bass, enriched details, clarity and airy.

With ordinary matches with ordinary (36 with 38), you would have ordinary ML sound,

 but still get balanced sound.


Mark Levinson No.331


I have built several power amplifiers during these years,

from large scaled discrete project to power op-amp. circuits.

However, Mark Levinson No.331 is the first power amplifier that I purchased.

Quite straight forward, I have no choice toward a power amplifier.

Mark Levinson is gonna be the only choice for me.

With a full set of ML products (except transport),

 I do hope Madrigal will solve quite lots of matching problem for me.

As seen in the introduction for No.331 in my personal homepage,

 I deliberately embedded the needs for the purchase of No.331

 when I was upgraded my speaker, N805. If I chosen Pro-Ac at that time,

 may be I have to go for Jeff Rowland and finally trigger for another trade-in project for my system.

The pros and cons of ML power amplifiers were discussed for many times in different channels

and I don't want to elaborate in detail here.

 For details, you may visit the AV forum of www.review33.com or see my personal opinions in my homepage.

Simply, it matches with B&W perfectly.


B&W Nautilus 805


Nautilus 805 is the lowest model of Nautilus series.

It employs the technologies gained from the Nautilus and Matrix series.

As I said before, one of the reason of the purchase of B&W is because of I am using Mark Levinson.

I don't want to change to another brand at this moment.

In addition, another reason is because of its petty outlook.

I have owned Celestion SL6si and Souns Faber Minitto before and found that

B&W N805 gives the most balanced sound,

clarity and reasonable contrast. Souns Faber tends to a bit dark.

 Celection is ok but a bit thin.

Furthermore, I audited ProAc and it was one of my beloved sound

 but I worry that this sound characteristic may be too aggressive for me.

 Thus, I chosen B&W, a well balanced sound characteristic and best parted with Mark Levinson.


Standby system


May be "toys" is a more appropriate name for the Korsun u2 amplifier and Mordaunt Short speakers.

I brought Korsun u2 amplifier for research because it was the OEM product of Red Rose Music Rosette1.

With a compact cabinet and beautiful outlook, u2 delivers a reasonable quality of manufacturing.

Its internal layout is even better than most of the Japanese branded mini hifi, very tidy.

 For details, please see my homepage.

Mordaunt Short was purchase as a monitor of my computer editing system.

However, I found that its sonic characteristic is quite different to B&W and cannot be used as a reference.

 Thus, in the meantime, I can only continues to use my AKG headphone as monitor

and search for another ultra compact speakers that coherence with B&W. Any recommendations?


Computer Recording, Re-mastering and Video Editing


As I said before, I recently fall in love with video editing and computer sound recording.

I found that the sonic performance of the Intel mother board is not bad.

It may because that Intel deployed Analog-Device's (AD) Codec as the audio chipset in their mother boards.

For computer recording, I have to change the cassettes to CD for my mother.

 I found using computer as a recording tools to produce CD is much more flexible than that

 with a discrete CD recorder.

With Adobe Audition, I can select various sampling and bit rates for recording.

In addition, I can use different filters and effects to improve the sonic performance of my old cassettes.

 I think, it is also a best tools for us to back up our LPs.

For video editing and DVD authoring, I use Adobe Premiere Pro with Encore DVD.

 They provide seamless transition from DV cassettes to DVD with various special functions

and extremely professional output quality.

With these two software, I have found that the quality of some DVD are as good as the original DV cassettes!

For some people may want to use DVD recorder for TV recording and DV editing.

 I believe the case is similar to audio digitization that I was addressed just before,

using computer based method enable you more flexibility and lower cost,

whilst using discrete recorders are the simplest way for domestic users.


General Comments


Many people said that HiFi is a matter of matching game, when they find a good partners,

they give you enjoyment,

otherwise you would have a difficult life.... but sometime, and often, this difficult life is created by yourself.

In general, I satisfy with my existing audio system. However, sometimes I find it is quite tasteless.

 I planned to improve it via a cable.

The final step of my audiophile plan is to add a Mark Levinson CD transport, probably be No.31.5,

 but still keep the SCD-777ES.

For more about my way toward audiophile, welcome to visit my personal homepage at