www.avbuzz.com - King Tchaikovsky Home Visit Update 2005

Around a year after the 1st release of my home visit page, there is still no major change to my audio system, since I found that the system is quite suitable for me.

However, in the last (2004) Christmas my wife brought me an elementary grade projector as gift, my life have some minor changes. As you might see that my home is quite small, but I have 2 big reasons to adopt projector; first I dislike watch TV subtitle with my glass; in addition, I want to try to have a wider eye coverage when watching movie.

I had not a demanding specification requirements towards video, so I spent only 1 hour to procure my projector. However, I found that the fixing of the projector is quite difficult. I want to maintain a clear wall surface except the already fixed architectural moulding. I have spent more than 1 month to decide the fixing details for the projector. Eventually, it was fixed onto wall before Chinese New Year.

This fixing details enable me to fold the projector onto the top of the CD cabinet to provide a clear wall surface when it is not used for a long time since I hate something fixed on top of my head.




The projector is elementary grade, it provides only 800x600 (SVGA) quality with D-Sub, Components, S-video and Composite inputs. However, it meets my above two requirements. I have used it to watch movie and Japanese concerts during the CNY holiday and its fine. As least, it provides me a chance, a portal to learn Video technique.

The New arrangement of my home after the introduction of the projector is changed as shown in below photos.


After the introduction of the projector, I threw away my Sony CRT TV and the "hole" in the TV cabinet is now using to accommodate my audio system. I have made three partitions, one for the SACD, one for the digital processor and a reserve for a tower case HTPC.

With this new arrangement, I find a great improvement on my audio system. The bass is increased and the positioning is more firm. Thanks for the introduction of the projector and I obtained a by-product of better audio performance.


Audio Option


Video Option


I returned a gift to my wife as replacement TV, it is a TV box with a 17" computer monitor. They are connected via D-sub cables now with maximum resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 (SXGA). The 17" monitor would be used as a status monitor for the future HTPC for software setting, internet browsing and as a contingency of the projector.

The future

I wanna to build a HTPC system with internet connection so that I can on one hand enjoy TV/movie and on the other hand browsing "Model-Priority". However, I have to decide the connection between HTPC and the projector (D-sub or component?) and study the basis of a HTPC from here - www.avbuzz.com.



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